Precision eCommerce and Zoey – a winning combination

Precision eCommerce founder, Glenn Walker, came across Zoey when he was looking for a faster eCommerce platform for his wife’s online store, The Lavender Cottage & Garden. The previous platform was not very fast and needed a more modern, up-to-date appearance.

While doing research on a personal project, Glenn came across Zoey. He was impressed with the stunning page themes and found the functionality and benefits available to a small business to be unsurpassable. He signed up for the free trial and began building his very first Zoey site.

Glenn quickly realized this was a service that other small business owners needed. He recognized the amount of time that is involved in building a site – even with easy to use platforms, there is still a tremendous amount of time involved and making sure everything is just right – that most small business owners simply do not have.  And what if you can’t figure it out? It can not only take up an exponential amount of time, it can cause you to lose potential sales by not having your eCommerce site active.

The Precision eCommerce team combined with the Zoey platform & themes provides small businesses with quality eCommerce sites with the professional look and feel they are looking for.

About Us

Why Precision eCommerce?

Everyone on our team has experience as a small business owner or entrepreneur, so we can appreciate that your business is your heart and soul – and know your eCommerce store is a key piece of your success.

It was a desire to find a better platform that put Zoey on Glenn’s path. However, Glenn also recognized that small business owners may also need more than just the platform to get their eCommerce site looking the way they wanted, so he carefully hand-picked the Precision eCommerce team for you.

Maybe you need a logo for your business or need the content prepared for your eCommerce site. Each member has skills to help you – however you may want or need it.

We’re here to help you succeed!


Meet the Precision Team:

Glenn Walker, lead builder/founder, Precision eCommerce:

Glenn’s professional career previously focused on his Precision Security Systems business and found Zoey when looking for a better eCommerce platform for this wife, Judy’s store, The Lavender Cottage & Garden. Glenn thought other small business owners would benefit from using the Zoey platform but also understood that many of them did not have the time to do it. That led him to launch Precision eCommerce.


Sudie Crouch, content/copy writer

Sudie’s writing and marketing experience spans from radio & print advertising to being a contributing writer & web editor for a national publication. As a freelance writer, her services include ghost blogging and social media marketing.


Shelia Bentley, graphic designer

For several years, Shelia’s business, The Bentley Group Printing & More provided quality marketing materials to businesses throughout North Georgia. If you are needing a logo or visual concepts for your Zoey site Shelia, now a freelance designer, can help.